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(Privacy Policy) - Last Review: April 6, 2016

This form is for Registered NetScanTools Pro users ONLY. Click here to request support for other products.

Submit your NetScanTools Pro Support questions. Sales questions should be submitted here. Other Support issues should be submitted here.


Email Address:

NetScanTools Pro Version: (2000-2003, see About tab or on 2004+, the Program Info/About NetScanTools Pro window). Examples: 11.01, 10.55, 9.4, 2003sp4, 2001R1sp2, 2000R1sp5

Serial Number (See About tab or Program Info/About NetScanTools Pro window):
You must provide a valid serial number to get support.

What operating system are you running NetScanTools Pro on?
When using NetScanTools Pro on...
Windows 7: Your NetScanTools Pro version must be 10.81 or newer.
Windows Vista/2008 Server: Your NetScanTools Pro version must be 10.42 or newer.

(Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000 are not supported)

Is this operating system being run in a Virtual Machine? If so, please tell us which virtual machine, VMware, Parallels, MS VirtualPC.

Operating system account privileges used to run the software (administrator, power user, etc):

Tell us a about your network interfaces (wired ethernet? wireless? is WinPcap finding the IP addresses associated with them?):

Please Enter Your Support Message (Please be as descriptive as possible, include all steps you went through to see the problem. If a bug is reproducible, please provide all setup settings as applicable and anything else that would help us reproduce the problem--remember: we cannot fix what we cannot duplicate on our machines.):

We will email you a response within one business day of your submission. If you DO NOT receive a response from us soon, please check your SPAM quarantine folder for email from netscantools.com, switchportmapper.com or nwpsw.com. We return phone calls from USA and Canada only - if you need to speak with us, please call during our office hours.

Please whitelist email from netscantools.com, switchportmapper.com and nwpsw.com

Contact Hints

Please be as descriptive as possible in your email, and please mention the product you are discussing.

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