NetScanTools® Standard End of Life Statement

NetScanTools Standard Version reached End Of Life Cycle effective August 1, 2004 - please review the replacement NetScanTools products below.

NetScanTools Standard Revision History.

NetScanTools® Standard Edition Support

We are no longer supporting the NetScanTools Standard series. You can send a question by email and we will try to answer it, but keep in mind that the Windows operating systems have changed significantly since our very last release and those changes may be the cause of your problems.

No further revisions to the product are planned. Version 5.10 was the last version - some download sites claim to have a version 5.11 and we advise against using it because we did not release a version 5.11.

NetScanTools® Basic (freeware)

NetScanTools Basic information and free download. This software replaced NetScanTools Standard. It is freeware.