About NetScanTools Pro Shows Software Version and General Licensing Status

Access this information by clicking on the Help menu bar selection 'Check for New Version' or click on the Left Control Panel options Welcome, then Check for New Version icon.

Details shown on this window:
  • Exact software version and release date.
  • Copyright, NetScanTools registered trademark information and a button to show the EULA.
  • User registration information including Serial Number, Registration Number, Maintenance Plan Expiration Data and Registered Email Address. This may be requested by Tech Support.
  • WinPcap or Npcap version number. We now recommend Npcap. Be sure to select WinPcap API Compatibility Mode when installing it.
  • A button to check for software updates.
  • A button to update your maintenance plan expiration date from our server.
  • How to contact us by phone and internet.

About Window Screenshot

DEMO Version End User License Agreement (EULA)
How to Uninstall
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