NetScanTools Pro Network Neighbors Tool Description

This tool shows the IPv6 Network Neighbor Table. The table is populated using the ICMPv6 Neighbor Discovery (ND) protocol from RFC 2461 and other sources. It shows both static broadcast and dynamic IP addresses. The IPv6 addresses are shown along with the physical address. The physical address can be a MAC address for an actual network card or in the case of tunnelling adapters like Teredo or 6to4, it can be an IPv4 address followed by the UDP port number. If it is a MAC address, we can show the interface manufacturer if it exists. The type of entry is shown along with the interface names. The last column is the IPv6 ifIndex column which also happens to be the Scope ID for the interface. Link Local addresses are shown when used. As with an ARP table, things age so you see notations like 'stale'.

The network neighbors table is the IPv6 version of an IPv4 ARP Cache table except with much more information.

It also uses Multicast Ping (mPing) to freshen the table with the addresses of nearby IPv6 devices.

Network Neighbors Screenshot

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