How to register NetScanTools Pro v11.x

  1. Click on the Step 1 button on the Registration Reminder window.

    NST Pro v11 Registration Step 1

  2. Fill out the required information on the Secure Server Product Registration window and press Send Registration.

    NST Pro v11 Secure Registration Form

If the registration server does not respond or you get an error message after clicking on Send Registration, click on the Register Online at button. Or click on Help menu/Register Software to register at our website.

NST Pro 11 Help - Register Software

Registering NetScanTools Pro 10.x

Similar to the version 11 process above.

Registering all other software including older CDROM versions

Please visit this page. <<-- If you register NetScanTools Pro v11 on this legacy product form, it will be discarded - please follow the instructions in the section above.