General NetScanTools Support Topics

NetScanTools IDENT Server Issue

Aug 22, 2005, affecting all NetScanTools Standard versions containing the Ident Server. A user has informed us of a potential for a buffer overflow exploit involving the Ident Server. Note that the IDENT Server is DISABLED by default on later versions. The IDENT server can only operate when NetScanTools is running, IDENT server is NOT a service program. Immediate corrective action: Please locate the Ident Server tab. Uncheck the Enable IDENT Server box and do not use the Ident server. For added safety please be sure that your computer's firewall software blocks incoming connections to TCP port 113.

NetScanTools 1.x/2.x Support

No support information is available. 2.42c was replaced in May 1997 by 3.0.